Communication Course


"Communicating For Success"

Who communicates for a living?

Answer: Everybody! If You Live on Planet Earth, You Communicate For a Living.

So how important does it become to have good communication skills? Communication can be the Number #1 determinant to your success; more important than knowledge, academics or experience. No one is saying these other areas aren't important, but if you can't get your message out, how much you know becomes irrelevant. Have you ever had someone say "I'm not sure I understand what you mean" or "been in a conversation where somehow it becomes confrontational and emotionally charged and you're not sure what to do?" How good are you at "dealing with conflict?"

How well you communicate will directly affect your ultimate level of success or failure in any situation. So I invite you to come and participate in a fun and interactive class where you will learn great tips and techniques on how to bolster your "skills" and fill up your "communication tool box."

*Who should attend: Anyone who wishes to gain a deeper understanding in how to communicate with others professionally, personally or socially.

In addition, learn the Brain Science behind how you can change your thinking to support getting your desired outcomes, and discover what holds you back from accomplishing your goals in life.

*Bonus: If you are in the fitness industry and are already a graduate from Canfitpro holding any of the following designations; PTS, FIS, NWS, NWL, OAS, PFS, you are eligible to receive 4 CEC's from Canfitpro upon completion of this course.

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Next Class:
TBA - for fall of 2019 

 Kings University/College
9125 - 50 street
Edmonton Alberta
(time/location and date subject to change, no refunds issued)

Course Registration

Are you or your team dealing with Change? Do you want to develop better “In-House” Communication Mastery? Contact Donna at to find out how you can book Coach Mark to come and speak to your personal group.


Some of the benefits: 

  • Understand the basics of the brain/mind system and the formula that supports transformational change.
  • Have the fundamental skills for creating a trusting and relaxing framework/environment for your client or staff to excel and achieve within. 
  • Have clear directives about the coach-like approach process.
  • Build specific skill sets for asking powerful questions that invoke discovery.
  • Organize outcomes with your client or staff’s involvement, building a strong framework that enhances the development of a clear set of priorities. (buy in and self-motivation)
  • Organize and implement priorities and build contingency plans to assist individuals in the coach-like relationship to become skillful and insightful around their actions and commitments.
  • Inspire creativity in the relationship and in the Individual:
    The aim is to “champion” each person towards mastery in such a way that both the individual and you are empowered and motivated.
  • To have a lot of “Fun” learning in an interactive and dynamic environment that gives staff and management alike real tools to use in their daily practice!

In this course you will develop basic core coach-like approach competencies, practice them, and quickly become skillful with the pointed aim of applying them in your professional practice. This dynamic coach-approach program is designed to give you an exceptional framework to take communication excellence to a new level!

Start your year off with this fun and interactive class and learn the secrets to improved communication and dealing with change. See You in Class!!!



Northwest Region of the AAAF (Association of Alberta Agriculture Fieldmen)

"This is probably the best communication presentation I have attended. It's engaging and informative."
- Aiden Cloke - Sprayer/Operator

"Enjoyed this speaker immensely and would be interested in gaining any links to Pod Casts."
- Karla Boswell - Roadside Mower/Sprayer

"Good workshop!" 
- Janet Miles - Senior Weed Inspector

"I've sat through 5 yrs of University lectures and never had one as engaging as yours Mark. I thought you delivered the material extremely effectively and I appreciate it when a presenter puts in the effort to get his point across in a way anybody could understand it."

"Excellent presentation, really useful and very good at getting points across."

"Thanks for the great talk! Walking around was a very effective attention keeper. Keep up the excellent work!"

"Very nice that you actively went around the room interacting with the whole crowd and keeping everyone interested."

"This talk was very effective and you supplied us with relative and important information."

"I've seen several presentations on similar topics and this one provided the most useful and applicable tips for communication and conflict resolution. Coach Mark was thorough, and ensured the information was accurate and as applicable as possible to our staff."
- Stacy B

"I thought the information was great and you were very engaging. I have seen a lot of these and I found yours to be the most interesting."

"Very engaging."

"Thanks so much for your training today. Engaging to the audience - relatable situations."

"Presentation was very relatable to our group!"

"Really enjoyed. Valuable tactics and information."
- Miranda Shannon

"Awesome presentation! Very interactive, comical and engaging."
- Tanysha Van Hecke  - Agricultural Inspector

"I really enjoyed how engaging this session was!"

"Very good speaker! Engaged the audience and was very friendly!"

"I enjoyed how he explained how other people perceive situations as it allowed us to learn appropriate techniques to deal with disgruntled people."

"You gave us some really valuable tools to use in our everyday lives and not just at work. Fantastic! Thanks!
- Dawn Fortin - Manager Agricultural Services

"I enjoyed the course. Thank you for not making it dry and boring."
- Scott Walker  - Labourer

"I very much enjoyed this session! I have taken many courses on communication/conflict resolution and still learned many new strategies today!"

"Very well put together presentation, kept everyone active. Very easy to listen to and understand."
- Tarin Bisset  - Sprayer/Operator

"Great interaction! Very informative and learned lots about how to interact with rate payers which will be very helpful."
- Madison Graham  - Ag Summer Student

"Feels like the Inquiry Strategy will be the most useful. Thank you."
- Noah Bergmann


Horizon Oil Sands Fire Department (Canadian Natural Resources Limited):

"Mark - Our silo group of shifts found a little more alignment today. We are a better group for this training. Thanks"
- Bob Slade  - Chief

"The program has brought unity, cohesiveness and understanding through the team. Coach Mark facilitated the program in such a way to ensure that the material was tailored to match our department."
- Eric St. Pierre  - Deputy Chief

"I've really enjoyed the sessions. Building the trust and humanizing my co-workers to a point where I can work with them rather than beside them. I've gone through a lot of personal changes due to the sessions. I feel as though I've improved as an Officer because of them."
- Jesse Paulin   -  Training Officer

"Very good course." "I highly recommend it." "Would like to see a follow up at least once a year to recap all the info."
- Bruce McFaul -  Fire Fighter

"Thank you so very much for the insightful and honest coaching." "This fire department has already achieved a far greater sense of unity in recent months since we have been involved with these sessions than the entire previous decade."
- Benjamin Shenton - Platoon Chief

"It forced a lot of conversation that has been needed for a decade. Dysfunction has reigned supreme for a long time, but we've done the best with what we had. Junior members grew into senior members and brought all the damage with them on the way up. These sessions with Coach Mark forced the Senior team to lay out all the decay on the table and analyze the problem. Then set the path towards resolving those issues. If I were to start another department I would have this course at the beginning instead of after it was already broken. Unfortunately, I think it was the experience of having seen it come apart that truly revealed the value of the information."
- Ian McLeod  - Emergency Preparedness

"This will require follow up sessions, this is going to take work."
- Michael Smith  - Captain

"Good clear presentation, this should be done more often." "Thank you."
- Stephane Briard  - Fire Inspector

"It was a great opportunity to get together and discuss our issues and concerns. To get on the same page and agree to some common goals. Now we need to work on how to get this message to our subordinates and get them on board."
- Marc Gervais  - Fire Inspector

"Thank you Coach Mark"
- Trapper Howard  - Platoon Chief (A-Shift)

"Mark has helped to help our management team gain a mutual trust and respect creating a more cohesive team environment"
- Matthew Sidney  - Lieutenant


Edson Chrysler Dealership:

"Mark simplifies the entire course to a point where you actually  see yourself using the information and becoming a better manager, friend and person. You don't need to be so hard on yourself to be happy and successful."
- Wendy Meister  -  General Manager

"Very informative course. I see myself using a lot of the info in both my personal and professional day to day life."
- Kristina Lussoso  -  Finance Manager

"Found the day very stimulating and engaging as well as enlightening"
- Mino Lussoso  -  Sales Manager

"Very interactive. Good ideas. Great examples to go off to give us good pictures"
- Morgan  -  Parts Advisor 

"Very interactive. Great stories. Opened my mind about how much body language affects a situation more than words do. Great to hear personal experiences in presentation."
- Amanda Jones   -  Assistant Service Manager

"Good examples of everyday issues in the workplace and learning how to deal with them. Listening to fellow co-workers improving overall performance of departments. Very knowledgeable course. I learnt a lot to help our departments move forward."
- Unsigned

"Very informative"
- Lauryn  -  Parts advisor

"The course was phenomenal! I am taking a lot away from it and can't wait to implement it all! Thank you"
- Amber Roy  -  Finance Assistant

"I knew communication was important but today expanded on how important and how much that can be expanded on around how we communicate." 
- Shelby Pederson  -  Parts

"Humor and real world success stories make you more relaxed and able to absorb and implement these new tools for effective communication."
- Darcy Kolodychuk  -  Controller

"Prime examples of everyday issues in the workplace and learning how to deal with them. Listening to fellow co-workers improving overall performance of departments. Very knowledgeable course. Learnt a lot to help our dept's move forward."
- Team Member of Edson Chrysler

"I really enjoyed this course. It has taught me that it's ok to ask questions and to gather thoughts before speaking. Open ended questions are so important. Thank you so much." 
- Team Member of Edson Chrysler

Rocky Mountain Chrysler Dealership:

"Appreciated the many similar situations that were applied to better understand what you were saying. Your movements, expressions, and interactions made this experience enjoyable as well as keeping my attention."
- Jessica Lawlor    Parts Manager

"Remarkable training"
- Ash Syed      Sales consultant

"Very informative, and thank you for fresh ideas and energy. I learned so much from you"
- Marty Macleod     Sales

"Excellent course!!! Very informative. Not only did I get mentally challenged, there was a lot of emotional connections through his real life comparisons/experiences as well that allowed me to reflect on my past and current situations in my life. I feel that I have gained some more ammo in my arsenal for interacting positivity with people in my life currently and moving forward. I would definitely recommend this course."
- Jason Sweet      Parts Advisor

"I now have new ways of thinking, to listen to others and find how to communicate with them. Ask open ended questions and listen for the answers. Use proper tone and gestures. Always to "ask" how are you or what is the best question to ask."
- Wanda Whitton     Accounting

"Excellent training! We should do this again some time.... Everytime......All the time."
- Ramil     Service Department (mechanic)

"Was a great presentation! I learned a lot on how to communicate better with my co-workers and even my child!"
- Karley MacGregor     Receptionist

"This was a useful training and well worth it."
- Maynard     Service technician

"It had been a short day for such a nice training session. Thank you."
- Gizela Mendenilla      Marketing

"The training was awesome."
- Jefferson Mahinay   Detailer

"Be Youtiful" Retreat:

"Your presentation will have a profound effect on how I conduct my meeting and my business. I had a major "AH HA" moment. Thank you"
- Michelle Broadbent   Owner - Statefarm Insurance Agency

"Very emotional! I related to when you spoke about jumping to conclusions without knowing the facts - Powerful!. Thank you Mark"
- Dorothy Briggs    Publisher/Mentor/Author

"Thank you Mark for your ideas and powerful stories to help others realize how important it is not to judge and that the story might be totally different from what you believe it is!"
- Rita-Anne Fuss    Fifth Avenue Collections - Senior Sales Leader

"I've attended your class before and I always enjoy and take so much away from you"
- Sandra Fenske


Health Canada and the Public Agency of Canada / Government of Canada:  HR Client Services, Corporate Services Branch - Edmonton/Regina:

"Makes the presentation very relatable. Loved the six questions between the 2 regions."
- Bailey Gebhart 

"Good overall presentation and I appreciate his energy."
- Michelle Gallagher   HR Assistant

"I will be moving on to a new job in a slightly new role, and I am going to incorporate the formula for change and RIDART into the way I do business. They will also assist me personally as I move forward in my career."
- Unsigned

"I liked the positive energy and questions to participants to check in."
- Pat Trail    PE-OS Manager

"Excellent workshop and team day!"
- Heather Heapy     Regional Director of HR AB-SK

"Thank you for not putting us on the spot, and explaining at the beginning of the day that you wouldn't. This takes away the anxiety that team days often bring. Thank you for an excellent, enjoyable day. Peace."
- Darci Berglund   HR Assistant

"This meeting was very engaging with lots of energy and fun. Would have been good to have more time on another day to continue working on what we started."
- Unsigned


OHS Dept Covenant Health:

  • Amazing!
  • Mark's presentation was awesome and I have recommended him to present at some of my other workplaces and networks. 
  • I thought it was a great use of time. The information was valuable & practical. Good use of examples and wonderful sense of humour. Would be great to have a session that offered time to go through whole processes from concerns to solutions.
  • Great presenter! Lots of laughs? But also could relate to many topics discussed and dealing with some co-workers.
  • Not a bored moment. Got us engaged in his teachings as he made it interesting.
  • Solutions that were brought forward were good. 
  • He’s an engaging speaker.
  • I enjoyed his enthusiasm for the topic. 
  • Very positive reinforcement; very good sense of humour!
  • Awesome presentation, I only wish he had more time.
  • Applicable and useful tools. Engaging, funny, and sincere presenter
  • Great energy! Motivating and engaging

Premium Rentals:

"Excellent! I gained a lot of insite into communicating and made me think about myself and my inner battles."
- Unsigned

"I found Coach Mark to be inspirational. I left the course feeling really energized and wanting to go and implement the new knowledge I gained."
- Mairead Jenkins    Leasing Agent

"Engaging presentation filled with useful information delivered with humour, compassion, and honesty. Mark is authentic and has genuine care for what he does."
- Rhetta Grant     Officer Manager

"I came into the course expecting a 'lecture' on how to communicate, and I'm leaving the course with a fair deeper understanding on what it means to communicate effectively. Thanks Mark - it was a great day."
- Colleen Croxford    Controller

"Wonderful eye opening class. A much needed class to take for professional and personal life."
- Janet Gallant    Site Manager/Lease Agent

"Very informative. Kept everyone engaged and interested. I will try out the concepts to be more forward thinking and I will listen more to the team and their ideas."
- Gayle Fletcher      Senior Property Manager


Fort Saskatchewan Fire Department:

"Attended many leadership lectures on similar topics. Material was presented very well from 'being on the floor' experiences. Unlike the weeks of courses I've attended in the past from managers, I learnt more from this lecture and how you were able to present topics and share experiences."
- Unsigned

"Great seminar. I learned a lot to help me with my job and in my family life. Made me think twice about my communication methods."
- Jebb Weinrich  Captain 

"Excellent, loved it all."
- Tina Mydinski     Fire Fighter

"Good balance of story/fact within his presentation."
- Unsigned

"Excellent presentation that is applicable to absolutely any organization."
- Unsigned

"I also run a dealership in Edmonton, and as a General Manager, I would love to apply this to my own staff. Communication is a big thing in business and just throwing money at people isn't always the answer. This would be a great presentation for my staff."
- Mike Lowe    Fire Fighter

"We have a broad group and I think it would be beneficial to have separate groups based on individual levels in the organization that address the officer core, fire fighter core to better communicate among ourselves and then with others. Great session! I have taken a lot away from it that will help me communicate in the future. Thank you."
- Jeremy Dewald   Fire Fighter


 Ashburn Drilling:

"Very well presented and well spoken. Excellent job Mark! Lots of valuable information."
- Steve Ashburn - Owner

"This course exceeded my expectations regarding improving communications in our company. My employees were blown away at the amount of valuable information they received over the 2 day course. It was the best course we've offered for our group overall!"
- Tracey Ashburn - Owner/Office Administrator

"I would recommend this course to any company trying to advance. Can use the information in their business as well as personal life."
- Doug Smith - Management

"This presentation creates an awareness for all members of management that responsibility lies not just with one person but all persons involved with introducing change."
- Lorne Mullin - Manager

"I really enjoyed the course and I believe this information will easily help me and our company in the future, and also help me with communicating with my family."
- Russell Smith - Driller

"Great teacher. The course was an awesome experience where I learned alot of stuff that will make me think before I speak making me more aware and more confident in what I say."
- Steven Ashburn - Water Management

"I enjoyed when Mark got excited and lead people to where new ideas came out and the group got excited. I've seen a few facilitations and was very impressed with Mark's direction as this company needed someone like Mark to support change and a new direction. Thanks."
- John Fahlen - Office Coordinator


 Lloydminster COOP:

"Coach Mark is a very motivating speaker. Excellent Seminar, high energy and very informative."
- Linda Gustavson - VP Human Resources

"High energy. Well read. Dynamic speaker.... that's Coach Mark. He led our group through a full day's worth of knowledge, breaking it down into implementable chunks. A gem of a speaker right here in Alberta."
- Kristine Alexander - Marketing and Communications Manager

"Loved the stories! Enjoyed the presentation and the energy. Mark has a great sense of humour."
- Melanie Stelmaschuk - CFO

"Good Course."
- Dave Lever - Food Division Manager

"Was a good experience."
- Shawn Tulk - Assistant Grocery Manager

"February 27,2013 (day of the course) was a Day Well Spent! Mark's 'Coach Like Approach' = Win for me professionally as well as personally:)"
- Vikki Lupul - Manager

"Rather than trying to build a castle, start small and build on your success."
- Dwight Andal - Manager Gas Bar


 Grande Prairie Regional Assessment Team:

 "This was an extremely beneficial session. Thank you Mark."
- Cheryl Brown - Regional Director

"Mark's energy helped to facilitate learning of all participants. A great day!"
- Carolyn Hovey-Johnson - Speech Language Pathologist

"I enjoyed the final DO and planning aspect. It made the positive thinking more real and implementable."
- Marisa Jans - Speech Language Pathologist Resident

"I think this was a great presentation, and very valuable to have."
- Heather Craigdallie - Behavioral Consultant

"Very beneficial for team prioritizing and problem solving!"
- Karen Beatty - Ed. Consultant for the blind

"I have done Choices and this was a great value to add and continue on Life!" "Be committed to DO what it takes to HAVE what you want!"
- Rhonda Herron-Bymoen - O.T. Assistant

- Michelle Dechaine - Occupational Therapist

"Thank you Mark!"
- Karen Gordon - Speech Assistant

The "Sexxy Smarties"

"Being on a growing team of wellness-preneurs requires the utmost in communication. Coach Mark's techniques with our Sexxy Smart group guides us as we create our long and short term goals.  More importantly, he has been instrumental in bringing all our energy and creativity into one common vision. We are on a path that will allow us to truly serve others as they change their lives, but Coach Mark was able to show us how to connect all the dots to be brilliant leaders in our industry. His caring and compassionate personality resonate with me and my own personal values on how to put our best out into his world."

"If you are looking for someone to bring you into your most powerful self, this is the man to call.  Thank you Coach Mark for being such amazing support as our team manifests its vision!"

- Karen Sievwright,, Nutrition & Wellness Specialist & Zumba® Fitness Instructor, Sexxy Smart Coach.

 "As someone who coaches for a living, having good communication skills is essential to my business. Through Coach Mark's teachings, I am able to take my business to the next level by understanding the fine details of how to really talk to people from the heart. In a few short hours, I learned how I can become a better wife, teacher, leader and business person - just by the way I communicate."

- Mrs. Theresa Stanley   5th Degree Black Belt Instructor  ZUMBA Fitness & Yoga Instructor  Director of Administration Phoenix Taekwon-do Club

 "Our Sexxy Smart Team of wellness-preneurs embarked on a communication course to "improve our skills a little".  That was the understatment of the year!  Mark Marcynuk is a brilliant and amazing coach who awakened our team to awesome possibilities!  Over the last few months, working with Mark has unleashed our creative potential beyond our expectations!" 

"Our ideas and goals have become concrete plans of action and our communication skills and enthusiasm has reached exciting new levels.  It has been a pleasure and an honour to work with Mark."

"He is truly an authentic, dynamic and kind-hearted soul. Thanks Mark!!"

 - Krista Zaft    Fit Chicx Connection

"Dynamite Coaching is definitely a course I would suggest for any age group. Coach Mark has such a vibrant personality, it’s truly a delight to have been able to experience his teachings. He draws you into his course and his words. He keeps your attention even if you’re doodling (which you’re welcomed to do!). I just recently finished my first year at NAIT and I tried to pay attention but it was difficult. If Coach Mark was my teacher, I probably would’ve retained a lot more information. Coach Mark gets down on your level and gave everyone in the group that I was with something special of their own to remember. He’s remarkable, I cannot wait for my next session with him!"

- Sholean Dyck     Part Advisor, Zumba Fitness Instructor, Sexxy Smart Team Member


 Concord Well Servicing : Loss Prevention and Safety Coordinator Team -
( A Division of Tervita, formerly CCS Corporation)

"Very relevant to the way we conduct business and live our personal lives."
- Sean Paszek

"Well presented. Great positive ideas and techniques. Thanks Mark."
- D. Solesbury

"Would like to see other departments also take this course"
-Sonya Jupe

"Loved it! Thank you."
- Francis O'Shaughnessy


 Nordic Mechanical Services - A LINC Service Contractor

"Awesome, very engaging, thank you."
- Lance Molinski G.M. Projects

"Excellent presentation."
- Mike Barnes  Project/Design Consultant

"I will try to use some of the skills of 'Dynamite Coaching' in my training presentations. Thanks"
- Jeff Wood  HSE Coordinator

"Incredible Knowledge base!"
- Shaunalee Boyle  Sales Manager

"Very good, only 3 hours so covered a lot in a little amount of time. Very useful. Thank you."
- Allison Dennis  Senior Financial Consultant

"Thanks so much for your insight today."
- Bill Skorobohach  General Manager

"Awesome, very engaging, thank you."
- Lance Molinski  G.M. Projects

"The course was excellent."
- Rene Cloutier

"Thank you for making one-on-one time in a group presentation."
- Kurtis Nielsen   Programmer

"Really good."
- Corinne Goodfellow

"Turned out to be a great course for me and lots of it applies to me."
- Keeley Moat   Electrician

"Thank you for your time and working with us today."
- Brian Sippert  Project Coordinator

"Great class. Thank you."
- Elizabeth Alford   Electrician (4yr)

"Great Presentation! Very informative, condensed, and useful in all facets of life!"
- Kevin Gonder  HVAC/Refrigeration Technician

"Thank you for a great section, it opened my eyes to be a better tech."
- Jason   Tech

"Great, informative."
- Mark Wilson   Service Tech

"Very well done. Very informative. Highly recommended."
- Richard Ducloux   Tech

"Amazing job, stories and real life references really helped deliver the message."
- Darren Marshall    Technician

"I have read many body language books and understand that area very well. But I wanted to thank you for the verbal changes that you have brought to me. I had not realized the verbal mistakes I have been making. Now I hope my body language and verbal will match."
- Brad Kopp  Technician

"Good presentation, relaxing yet controlled and good real life stories and examples."
- Fraser Hutton   Service Technician

"All round great presentation to create better all round awareness of what both clients and techs should expect."
- Ryan  Technician

"Good presentation."
- Steven Brindza   HVAC Technician

"Great! Have been in the trade a long time and nice to see new ways of handling situations."
- Mike Brindza    Technician

"Mark was very professional/totally into the group. Had all involved, no sitters."
- Mike Morrell    Service Manager"

"Well presented. A lot of material covered without being overwhelming."
- Leslie    Controller

"Really well done."
- Josh Breen   Service Technician

"Really enjoyable, great presentation and ability to draw individuals into the conversation."
- Laura Griffin

"Very good actions, positive, client never asks a bad question, you make them feel good."
-  Robert Kastelen   Refrigeration Mechanic

"Very well presented, organized, and explained well."
- Gianluca Tassone    Service Technician

"Good course, would like to see more. Very well spoken and prepared."
- Rob      Tech



Read what other individuals who have taken the course had to say: 

"I had taken this communication course a few times and this time I learnt many practical strategies I could use in my personal and professional life.  Coach Mark's enthusiasm and knowledge is remarkable. Highly Recommended!

Jacky Phung - Owner Made to Measure

"I learned to listen more than talk. I learned to allow people to talk and to build relationships. I would take this course again!! Such valuable tools were shared. Great exercises. Practical knowledge. Great insights on listening being such an impactful component. I would recommend this to course to anyone no matter who you are or what you do. The best part about all of this was COACH MARK - super phenomenal coach!! Fun and interesting. Explains all aspects of communication so beautifully. Thank you Coach Mark --- you are awesome!

Sharmine Massey

"Mark was an amazing coach/presenter. He offered so many valuable insights on communication and how to better connect with people. I feel as though going forward I am going to have more tools that I can utilize going into conversations with clients, friendships and intimate relationships. It was an amazing course and I am really glad that I made the decision to take it! Thank you Coach Mark for your compassion, energy and wisdom!

Taylor Tosczak

“ Coach Marks course description Does not quite accurately explain how valuable and impactful it truly is. It has given me insight on where I can grow with concrete strategies and tools for me to move towards being a better wife, mother, leader, and employee. The day was filled with a lot of aha moments. Some of which  I could reflect on where poor communication may have lead to issues in the past while at the same time it  gave me the knowledge to know how to communicate effectively for a greater result. I left feeling empowered and excited knowing that by taking this course the benefits it will have on myself and others I communicate will be astronomical. Thank you Mark”

Jenn Stanners - Cheerleading Coach with Perfect Storm Athletics and Personal Trainer 

"I am currently in the middle of a career change to become a Personal Trainer and Coach Mark came to speak to our class to tell us about himself and Dynamite Coaching. In those few minutes I knew I had to take Marks course, I was absolutely mesmerized by the way he spoke so passionately about communication. His course will not only benefit you for your business, but everyday life. By taking his course I have gained the confidence needed to pursue my new career and have gained the skills necessary to help my loved ones. You will not regret this decision, everyone and anyone will benefit from taking this course. Thank you Mark for being you and spreading the importance of communication."

Cassidy G.

"I am positive that what I learned today will change my life to the better. I got a chance to speak with Mark one on one and he was one of the first people to actually listen and not judge. It was truly inspiring. Thank you for the amazing experience."

Naji Chehab

"I've taken management and supervisory courses in the past, but "Communicate for Success" has helped, as a refresher, in order to better understand myself and others. I feel more confident in my ability to actively listen and explore my ability for others to express themselves and be heard, and build rapport. Self-love, love others, and then spread love to the community as Mark said."

Kerry Holmstrom

"Coach Mark really connected the dots when it comes to using communication as an effective tool for everyday life as well as implementing it in a leadership role. Truly inspirational!"

Curtis Hall

"An awesome course that I fully enjoyed and will take with me through life. I believe that this course will improve my career and my future."

Mark Bailey

"Mark puts love, compassion and care into his coaching. His body language, course outline are all done with true honest communication in mind. His passion is helping one another find their passion or other's true passion(their why) through communication. Communication is so nuanced that Mark has a well thought out road map for all people."

Zachary K.

"Coach Mark did a great job including everyone and making me feel comfortable. I learned a lot of new tricks to really listen and understand people more."

Dana W.

"A powerful and fundamental course. Basic but useful points that will benefit all aspects of life. Mark is very humble and understanding."

Brandon Perreault - Power Engineer

" Fantastic Course. Mark is truely passionate about what he is teaching. This is so much more than a communications course. It's a mind shift! Thank you so much Mark." 

Kevin H.

"Wow! This communications workshop helped me to see where I was stuck in self-sabotaging ways that prevented me from reaching dreams and goals I have visioned for years. It taught me not only about myself but the people around me. I was lacking the confidence and courage to reach out and achieve my goals.... Not anymore. I Am Inspired To Be Inspired!!!"

Shea Gilmar

"Great Course! I would highly recommend it to everyone from a married couple to my profession, to someone just graduating high school. Take these principles and improve your life in every area!"

Jason Paul

"Coach Mark really relates to his students and makes them feel welcome and at home. Through honesty an strategies he teaches you how to peel away the layers to find the core value within yourself and the people you interact with. Skills for a better life. 10 out of 10!! I would take this course again."

Daniel Hope

"Communication is the cornerstone to connection. Mark is amazing at breaking down and creating understanding about what it really means to communicate and how to have meaningful communication and thus connections with other people. A foundational piece in every area of our life, as a parent, wife, husband, partner, friend, professional etc. He teaches and lets us also experience the value of holding space for another person and how that can change our whole conversation."


"Mark is a great Coach, speaker and trainer. The day  was full of great examples and exercises that he shared with us. The formulae learnt were great in further explaining the subject."


"If you want to take your communication for family, business or friends to the next level this is the course for you. It brings a new fresh perspective on what communication actually is. Everyone needs a coach mark."

Kandal Leonard - owner operator Supplement King

"Excellent 1 day interactive course to help with everyday challenges in regards to communication with people from work, your family and yourself. Coach Mark provides basic tools to use in everyday conversations to impact any situation you may be involved in."

Scott L.

"So much in 8 hours; but all relevant! Lots of tidbits that will be considered when talking with students, colleagues and families. The material in the program was supported so well with Mark's stories, tidbits and humour."

Allan Macdonald - teacher and hockey coach

"My clients are often defensive and apprehensive towards what I am offering. I needed to find the best way to approach them to guarantee they understood my sincerity and respect. The course succeeded in showing me those abilities and improved my confidence in my new approaches

Cam Winter - Personal Trainer

"Thank you Mark for helping me to re-ignite my spark. You have inspired me to find new horizons and find the courage to explore more possibilities. Helping others to find the world within is your gift to the world."

Donna Hinks - Registered Nurse

"I found Mark's coaching class very helpful and inspiring. What he taught me I can implement in my personal life as well as my professional life. I would recommend his class to everyone who needs a little motivation in life as well as those that want to improve in their every day life and become the best person they can be."

Darius Kostelnik

"This course will help me in my everyday life situations and challenges"

Jem Hernandez - Registered Nurse

"Great class! Definitely helped me realize how I can communicate more effectively not only with clients, but friends and family as well."

Joleen Power - Power Fit Personal Training

"Great day with practical and knowledgeable skills to in-cooperate into every day communication."

Andrea Anderson - Dental Hygienist 

"I learned practical techniques that I can apply in all aspects of my life."

Jacinta Kostelnik - Executive Administrator

"I have been struggling with all of life's changes ever since I was young. I grew up in a home where yelling was how you got your point across. Through the years I would have people tell me they were scared of me. This was after I had been being bullied and treated badly by people that were supposed to care for me because I was shy and timid. Having people scared of me didn't bother me at first, but after a while it made me feel bad. That is not how I wanted people to see me. So I took steps to change. I got involved in fitness as I wanted to help others feel good about themselves cause I knew what it was like to feel terrible about yourself. My progress and road came with 2 big hurdles. The birth of my daughters. I then put everything on hold so that I could do everything for them. I was happy, but miserable cause as most moms know, you don't get much time for yourself and you don't get much sleep. I couldn't  communicate what I needed or how I felt in a way that was understood by other. But during the "Communicate For Success" class with Coach Mark I had numerous moments where the light bulb came on and I said to myself "ahhh" I Get It! I realized that "I was important" and the way I was communicating with myself reflected and impacted all of the interactions and relationships around me. I feel I now have the tools and the knowledge to not only positively impact myself and my well-being, but that of my two girls. And it doesn't stop there because my growth is not limited, It Is Endless!!

Amber Hiebert - Single mother of two, Fitness Coach and Instructor

"I think that this past weekend was the one that very well might have changed my life. Letting go of a job that has provided me with more money then I ever thought was possible and embarking into a career/lifestyle that  promotes positivity, health, fitness and helping people. I knew it wasn't going to be easy to go back to school and step out of my comfort zone. So I decided about a month ago that I wanted to make a change in the world and in order for that to happen I needed to change myself.  Meaning that I needed to change my habits, vision of the world, and how I treat people in general. Whether they are family, friends or just some jerk driving down the road. Changing myself would be the centre point in moving forward for a better life. Along with meeting Coach Mark is another amazing man that I had the pleasure to meet this past weekend was Mark Campbell(owner of Marked Improvement) A guy that you can see really cares about people, the world and people's overall health. In meeting these two big shot Marks hahaha, I have been reassured that this Journey  I'm about to take is possible and there really are great guys on this earth; Good, charismatic, happy and healthy guys that don't care what others think of them and do what they love to empower people around the world. So that's what I have learned from this course with Coach Mark; that even a big oil patch swearing guy can let his feelings out and live his life the way he wants to. By loving, helping, caring and listening we can all make a change in this world and you learn the tools on how to do that by taking this course. If you want an overall better outcome in life take this course. If you want to cut stress, anger, and misery out of your life Coach Mark's course is your starting point."

Brent McTavish


"If you would like to take away real tools, real examples and learn how to apply that to your everyday life, Coach Mark's "Communicate For Success" class is a must! Walk away and take control of how, why and more importantly realize again why communication is the root of all things.

Maria Daskalakis 


 "I was taking the Nutrition and Wellness course with Can Fit Pro and a guest speaker Mark Marcynuk spoke to us about a communications course that he teaches with regard to consulting with clients.  I always thought I had a good rapport with people and my existing clients but I thought I would like to have as many great tools as I could to overcome objections with clients."

 "Not only did I feel like I added to my career “toolbox”, but I feel like Mark helped me tap in to how to communicate better with my friends and family.  Delivery of the course was excellent and engaging.  I believe it is something everyone should experience no matter what field of work they are in;  an invaluable asset to my career and daily life."

 Shanaz Iyer B. Ed.      Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant


"I attended a 6.5 hour day course last Saturday about communication.  The course was highly recommended so I thought it could be a useful experience.  I was curious as to exactly how it might be of use to me.  Human beings are social.  How well we communicate with others is fundamental to our lives.  We communicate with our kids, our parents, our siblings/relatives, our neighbours, our co-workers, our clients/customers, etc.  Everyone is unigue and will take away useful things in their own way.  I am confident everyone will find the course well worth their time and money."

 Fred Dicker

"Coach Mark's course really helped me to understand how to listen to and understand other people better so I can be a better Fitness Instructor, Nutrition & Wellness Coach and friend. I found the course very engaging, empowering and useful in so many ways - from personal relationships to professional ones. The information provided was taught in a very practical way, enabling me to start using the techniques and seeing results almost immediately. I feel like what I learned has given me the tools to enrich many people's lives, along with my own. What an amazing gift. Thanks Mark!"

Melissa Mosca          Edmonton Fitness Party

"Attending Coach Mark’s course made me recognize my toxic self-doubt and put downs within my daily discussions, and now I not only make the conscious effort to ‘rephrase’ my wording, and use my tones but also count my wins. I found this useful for not only my personal life, but for how I conduct my business as well. Implementing the changes, and ideas Coach Mark has shared with me has helped me with my communication. This course exceeded all of my expectations and I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in personal and business growth to Coach Mark."

Kaitlyn Chapman                       Personal Fitness Trainer 


"I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day course with Mark! His enthusiasm was totally contagious and the material itself was interesting and something we can all use in our daily life on every level. I found I started using the techniques right away at home and saw immediate feedback from my family! I than tried it out in the world on day 2 and saw the immediate difference it makes which left me feeling thrilled! Not only did it make others feel good, but I felt amazing!!"

  "In short I found it was information that “stuck” with you and inspired you to want to be a better listener as well as understanding the POWER OF PERCEPTION!! It’s simple concepts with powerful results!"

 "Thanks Mark!! You truly have a gift, that is easy to see…. I look forward to learning lots more!!" 

Paula Cluett                       Analyst, HR Systems and Reporting 
Alberta Health Services, Edmonton Zone


 "This course should be a compulsory part of our High School Curriculum and it should be included as part of basic training for all professionals. I recently had the honour of attending this course as part of Canfitpro’s continuing education for personal trainers. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the skills I acquired during this course will not only help me in my professional life but they will (and have already) come in handy in my family life and more particularly in communicating with my two teenaged children."   "Thanks Mark!"

 Charlotte Le Mellédo             Clinical Research Consultant                                                     
Personal Fitness Trainer


"I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful course, not only was it informative but it was fun as well! The combination of your knowledge and incredibly engaging personality made me feel as if I was spending time with friends and not participating in a course. If you would ever like to use me as a reference I would be honored to do this for you. I have taken a ton of courses in my day but yours was the best I have ever taken."

 "Thank you once again for being you and making my weekend a huge success!"

 Regards, Hazel-Jane               Interior Designer and Personal Physical Trainer. 


 I recently attended a Communication Skills course with Mark Marcynuk (Coach Mark). The course was outstanding and very high energy. The content could be used in all areas of life for understanding how and why we communicate the way we do and how to improve those skills. I have been incorporating those new skills into my day to day life since the course with amazing results."

 "I highly recommend the course for everyone."

  Jean Torrance DPT "Diploma of Physio therapy


 “Mark Marcynuk has provided me with the tools needed to form valuable relationships with my clients. The methods Mark uses are inspiring and simple.  He has empowered me to begin using specific techniques which have helped me acquire new clients in addition to improving my current relationships with existing clients.   I am better able to detect their needs and work with them in an efficient manner by asking the right questions and being prepared to help them fulfill their goals.  This allows me to keeps my clients on track and enables me to build a strong report with them.” 

Mark Nault       Outside salesman (Advanced IndustrialSupply)
                         Staff member         (Royal Glenora Club)
                         Personal Trainer   (Snap Fitness, Sherwood Park)


“After your course, with all the new techniques you taught, I have made some big changes in my life. I have ended a 5yr relationship, best decision I've made in a long time. I’m moving forward with a vision of my health goals. Amanda Campbell of Marked Improvement (my best friend) has been a wonderful coach with the personal training sessions, but also with my personal goals within myself and relationships. I have reconciled with my Mother, learning how to communicate with her characteristics has been a challenge, but one totally worth taking on. Learning your techniques, has shown me that all the answers are within myself, it has really transformed me, into becoming a believer in myself. I've always had the "pay it forward" attitude, but with the coach like approach course, I now know how to "change the world one conversation at a time!" And I will! "

Amanda Stevens           Front Desk Officer Agnico-Eagle Mines LTD

                                          Meadowbank Division, Nunavut, Canada


While I was enrolled in a Personal Training course, one Saturday afternoon, Coach Mark came in to do a quick presentation on life coaching. As he talked about how to ‘become a change agent’ and how it can help you to communicate differently and ultimately making a difference in the lives of others; I was immediately intrigued to see for myself just how this could make a difference in my life and how it could help me to become a better communicator. It was at this time, when I was debating with myself on whether or not I should take this course that I said to myself “I am as only as good as the opportunities that I take…this is an opportunity to improve my communication with others.”

 “As the course progressed, I noticed a big change in myself. First I noticed that I was better able to get over my initial anxiety when approaching new situations because I now had the tools on how to communicate with others in a more productive and progressive way. I was better able to gain information on what it is others were looking for and how they saw themselves getting there – I became a ‘change agent’. I immediately began using the ‘formula for change’ and I have been using it every day since in all areas of my life. I changed my entire life without changing a thing; I just learnt how to better communicate more effectively.”

 “Before I had met Coach Mark, I had always thought of myself as having a bit of difficulty when meeting new people in certain situations. I would find myself becoming increasingly overcome with anxiety leading up to the event; it did not seem to matter what event it was. All of this was due to my own lack of self-confidence in my communication skills with others. Coach Mark took the time to allow me to explore how life coaching can first make a change within. Since taking this course, I have become a ‘change agent’ for myself first and foremost. I took the time to invest in myself and therefore it has shown me how to more effectively take time and invest in the lives of others…all the while underscoring the importance of effective communication with others.”

 With Sincere Gratitude,

Laurie Buffalo


 “I took Coach Mark's course during my first ever 'career change' and I am glad I did!  Having worked as a chauffeur for 17 years, it was time to follow my passion of working in the Fitness Industry.  Coach Mark's course will help me connect with my clients.  I know I will have a 'leg up' in the industry, after taking Coach Mark's course.  Take it - you will not be disappointed.”

 David               Chauffeur - Prestige Executive Limousine


 “I recently had the privilege to attend a course given by Coach Mark called The Coach Approach. What an incredible learning experience. I found Coach Mark to be a very charismatic instructor; engaging, energetic and informative. The course really armed me with amazing tools for effectively communicating with others. I came away from the course with skills I not only use in my work as a personal trainer but also skills that I found particularly relevant in my office job and in my everyday life. You really learn how to deal with difficult people and diffuse volatile situations. I learned how to ask the right questions and in such a way that I am able to really get people to give even more than their best! I find that I now have the expertise to really get the most out of my clients, co-workers and people around me.”

“Learning about the power of visualization has been especially eye-opening. I have a friend who was a in a bad relationship for five years because she just couldn’t see her life any other way.  I was able to coach her into visualizing herself and her situation in a different light and really concentrate and focus on that image. Her vision of her new life was so strong and so clear that she was finally able to end a long, destructive relationship and finally achieve true happiness. What a profound effect to have had on someone’s life.”

“I am constantly sharing the things I learned from the Coach Approach and have found that people always have a way to incorporate these same skills into their lives. There’s always room for learning better ways to communicate with one another and Coach Mark taught me just that!”

Amanda Campbell                  Personal Fitness Trainer  Marked Improvement 


The indispensible first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want. ...Ben Stein, Actor and Author

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one. ...Mark Twain, Celebrated American Author and Humorist.


The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it , but that it is too low and we reach it. ...Michelangelo

You can be anything you want to be, if you believe with sufficient conviction and act in accordance with your faith; for whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve ...Napoleon Hill

When does happiness begin? Right now! ...Mark Marcynuk

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